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No Place Like Home (NPLH) is a small animal mobile veterinary service that brings your pet's medical care to the comfort of your home.  Your pet will have have minimal stress and you will have maximum convenience.  No carrier, no leash!





We complete both annual physical exam for young and old patients.  We closely examine your pet and discuss any concerns.  You may notice subtle changes that might indicate a higher risk for disease.  This may include weight loss, weight gain, lethargy, increased drinking or changes in appetite.  Clinical signs combined with a physical exam help us determine diagnostic options and therapeutic plan for your animal.  An annual physical exam is recommended for young, healthy animals.  In senior animals, because diseases tend to occur more commonly, exams are recommended every six months.


We discuss vaccines recommendations based on the AAHA guidelines.  There are core and non-core vaccines and we can decide what is right for you and your pet based on your pets lifestyle and risks factors.


Hospice care helps provide medical and palliative (pain relieving or comfort giving) care to animals, when it is nearing  the end of your pets life. We may also help counsel owners on how to evaluate your pets quality of life and how best to provide compassionate care and make plans, if needed, for euthanasia. 

Euthanasia is a difficult for owners and can be stressful for pets, but we strive to minimize the stress by allowing you space and time in the privacy and comfort of your home.  

If you choose to cremate your pet, we can help coordinate and transport your pet for cremation. 

We offer routine screening including heart worm and tick testing annually in dogs, FIV/FeLV screening for outdoor cats, and metabolic  lab work (CBC, chemistry, urinalysis, thyroid measurement) as needed.  We also offer fecal parasite testing.  Most results will be either immediate or returned in 24 hours.  
We also see your pet during sick visits, however, cannot guarantee a same day appointment.  If your pet is very ill, it may be recommended you go to a full service veterinary hospital as our diagnostics  and treatments are limited by what we can do in your home.  If you have an emergency, please call SAVES - the 24 hour emergency clinic in Lebanon at 603-306-0007



P.O. Box 5153

Hanover, NH 03755

Tel:  603-558-4662


By appointment

- Monday - Friday 8-5pm 

- Weekend hours once a month by appointment only.  

- No after hour emergency due to lack of immediate diagnostics. If you have an emergency, please call SAVES in Lebanon - 603-307-0007.  

- End of life care is the exception and we make every attempt to be there during if needed during after-hours  times.  (emergency fee applies).


-We attempt to make appointments that work for you! Please email, call or text for appointments. 




No Place Like Home (NPLH) was created to allow you, as pet owners, to have your pet's physical health assessed in the comfort of your home.  Whether your pet is scared of the vet office, does not like to travel, or you have a multi-pet family, in-home veterinary care is a great option.   NPLH allows you to have your pet receive excellent veterinary care in the comfort of their home.   We offer routine and annual blood work, fecal screenings and vaccines.  We are often able to help you manage certain illness including eye and ear infections,  skin infections and gastro-intestinal upset.  If you pet is very ill, needs hospitalization, or anesthesia we can refer you to one of the multiple animal hospitals in the area.   


     NPLH travels around the upper valley of New Hampshire and Vermont - approximately 15 miles from Hanover.  For end of life, we extend our travel when possible.   Please contact us for more information and set up your appointment.  


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