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Ten reasons to use a mobile vet:

1.  It is difficult for you to get your scared or fractious animal in the carrier.  We travel to where your pet is most comfortable and do the exam in their environment.  If you animal is very anxious, we ask that before we get to your house, they are closed in a small room so they can be found when we arrive.  


2. Your pet does not travel well and gets motion sick when you take them in the car.  Additionally, your pet may become so scared, they urinate and defecates in the carrier or in your vehicle.  This will be avoided by us coming to your home instead of your pet needing to travel.  No more cleaning your pet’s carrier on the side of the road or in the animal hospital.  


3. You have to pull or drag your dog into the animal hospital because they are too nervous to walk in on their own.  You have to pick them up to get them in the car so you can drive them to the animal hospital.  Many dogs have had a bad experience and are unwilling to go inside a animal hospital;.  Dragging your pet often just gets worse with every trip.  We can do annual exams, vaccines, blood work, and treat many illnesses right in the comfort of your home.  We also have the advantage of seeing them where they are most comfortable and get a more accurate view of how they are feeling in their natural environment.  


4. You have small children and dread bringing them with you to the animal hospital or do not want to spend the money to hire a babysitter.  Home with the kids for school vacation? Book your appointment and let your kids play at home while we examine your pet to minimize the disruption to your day.


5. You are physically unable to get out of your home to take your pet to a hospital or lack transportation;


6.  Your pet has a hard time physically getting in the car or is geriatric and slips on the animal hospital floors.  Senior pets have a hard time jumping in and out of the car.  Do not risk them hurting themselves; let us bring everything to your pet to keep them healthy and comfortable. 


7.  The weather is bad, snow, rain, heat.  This is New England, let us come to you!



8.  You and your pet get anxious at the animal hospital waiting room - lots of smells and often other anxious dogs feeling stressed or barking.  No need to be in a cramped in a smelly exam room waiting to be seen - wait in the comfort of your home until your appointment.  


9.  You worry that the travel and stress will make your sick pet more sick.  Stress in pets is real and can exacerbate health issues.  If your pet needs hospitalization, we can start with a physical exam and decide what is best for your pet and family.  We can do blood work and basic medical treatments.  Depending on the condition of your pet, we can help refer you to a 24 hour emergency hospital if needed.  


10.  It’s Convenient!  We work with YOU to find a time for us to come see your pet.  If you take your pet to work with you, we can even come see you at the office.  Often it is difficult to get home from work and go to the animal hospital before closing.  The struggle is real! We can schedule a time that allows you to be the most efficient person you can be.  We make every effort to book appointment times to minimize the time you need to leave work.  We can coordinate vaccines routine blood work into minimal visits so your pet gets the care it needs with minimal visits.  We also offer online pharmacy so if we don't have a particular medication or prescription diet, we can order it for you and have it delivered right to your home!

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